Facing Fears

Trick or treat, bitches.

I’ve always loved Halloween in RL and SL. The candy, seeing what awesome costumes people come up with, scary movies, the candy. It’s a fun month is general, except for the appearance of scary demon clowns everywhere. On my TV and in SL. Tp’ing around the other day in search of haunted house decorations I land at this store and this is the first thing I see:

Uncalled for! Awesome creation no doubt, but…just so very disturbing. Oh well, at least it’s not Christmas!

Oh look, some credits:

  • Weave: /Wasabi Pills/ Brrree Mesh Hair – Black coffee
  • Face Paint:  clOWNED Makeup (free on MP)
  • Outfit: Severed Garden-Morgana
  • Eyes: :OW: Ghost Eyes / Eyeshadow / Lashes ( I have no idea what store I got these from )
  • Prop and Pose: HISbleeding.heart / Denise’s Heart for HISpose

Store location with the clowns and other scary decor: Generazioni http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Luxury%20Island%20Resort/39/197/25

Thanks for looking! ❤


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