Snack Time!

Brains. It’s the most important meal of the day.

In an earlier post I talked about my fear of clowns. On the opposite end of the spectrum would be a real love of zombies. I have no idea why they appeal to me so much, they are dead and decaying things that want to eat my flesh while I’m still alive and conscience of what’s happening. It makes me tingly with joy just thinking about it.

Oh look, credits:

  • Skin: Curio – Airhead – Petal ( Store not open in world )
  • Shirt that I love: :::Sn@tch Fright Night Tee
  • Weave: [e] Wherever – Red 08
  • Makeup layers: REPULSE – Bloody Tears III Face Tattoo / teXtura-Torn mouth (tattoo)
  • Pose: !Bang stand 141

Thanks for looking! ❤



Facing Fears

Trick or treat, bitches.

I’ve always loved Halloween in RL and SL. The candy, seeing what awesome costumes people come up with, scary movies, the candy. It’s a fun month is general, except for the appearance of scary demon clowns everywhere. On my TV and in SL. Tp’ing around the other day in search of haunted house decorations I land at this store and this is the first thing I see:

Uncalled for! Awesome creation no doubt, but…just so very disturbing. Oh well, at least it’s not Christmas!

Oh look, some credits:

  • Weave: /Wasabi Pills/ Brrree Mesh Hair – Black coffee
  • Face Paint:  clOWNED Makeup (free on MP)
  • Outfit: Severed Garden-Morgana
  • Eyes: :OW: Ghost Eyes / Eyeshadow / Lashes ( I have no idea what store I got these from )
  • Prop and Pose: HISbleeding.heart / Denise’s Heart for HISpose

Store location with the clowns and other scary decor: Generazioni

Thanks for looking! ❤