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I married the Devil. True story.

Athena Pexie: You’re cute

Luc Pexie Yuhara: I know.

Athena Pexie: oi lol

Luc Pexie Yuhara: You’re not that bad yourself.

Athena Pexie: Thank you?

Luc Pexie Yuhara: You are very welcome.

Athena Pexie: Shaking my head at you already.

Luc Pexie Yuhara: lol

Oh look, halfed assed credits:

  • Hair: >TRUTH< Velvet w/Roots – mocha
  • Shirt: [Sleeping Koala] – I ❤ American Boys *yaaaay! I wanted this shirt for a long time now*
  • Jeans: ::Temptation:: Jeans Skinny Blue
  • Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Fuse /fresh/ I

Quickie post cause I was kinda bored and got to see my SLhubby who isn’t around very often. <333

Ich liebe dich


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