Color Challenge: Week 5 of 52 – Patina

“It’s a posh word for turquoise.” That rather straightforward description of the color for this week’s challenge provided by my SL dad’s RL partner got me thinking. Posh is just a state of mind. No matter what my surroundings are, I can get dressed all classy like and go have an elegant night on the town.

First I thought I’d go take a nice leisurely walk by the pool. Take in the late evening air and maybe dip a toe into the water. According to the internet, the toes that fell off will grow back eventually. That’s good to know.

All that walking made me very hungry so my next stop was to have a five-star meal at the local restaurant. I assumed the piece of paper in the window with the “F” meant the food was fantastic.

Finally, I wanted to end my night on a positive note by showing others how easy it was to have a glamorous night out even in less than sparklings conditions. I went to the senior center to tell the residents about my night. The smell of medicine and rubbing alcohol was a little to strong for me so I stood outside and yelled for the ones who could still hear and see to look at me through the windows.

Overall, my evening out was a great success!

Oh look, credits:

  • Skin: Curio – Lustre – Acorn [Dark] – Patina 1
  • Weave: TRUTH – Odette – treacle
  • Eyes: .ID. Snowfall Eyes – Seasons Gatcha – BlueGreen
  • Dress: Sharodie’s – Hazy fields summer gown (marketplace)
  • Earrings: berry.berry ultra lush green earring (marketplace)
  • Necklace: League – Double Stranded Soft Pearl Necklace
  • Ring:  MANDALA – Milky Way White
  • Shoes: G Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” – Black
  • Poses: From my AO and random free ones I got at the pose fair last year.

Thanks for looking! ❤


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