Color Challenge: Week 4 of 52 – Iron

My days use to be spent sad and alone. Strung up in the corner with no other company but the walls and creaking of my joints.

Then one day a gift arrives! The note attached says “To my very pretty dolly”. I wonder what this is…

Hmm, This doesn’t seem right. Maybe If I…

No, not quite yet.

This feels right. Finally, I am free.

Oh look, credits:

  • Shape: .:Still Life:. – Lilly Shape
  • Skin: [XYR] Veronica Doll Skin – Joints – makeup
  • Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Clarus Eyes (Bubblegum)
  • Weave: [e] Again – White 05
  • Dress: Berries Inc. dress pearl
  • Key: Turn n’ Talk – Doll Key
  • Piano & Bench & Candle/w rose petals: Lisp
  • Pose & Prop: Love me Brutal *Living Dolly* / Adorkable

Thanks for looking! ❤


4 thoughts on “Color Challenge: Week 4 of 52 – Iron

  1. This is beautiful. I love how you chose white background so the piano and the doll stand out, but they are still within a defined space instead of studio background. Good use of expression in the first picture and extremely well working pose in the last one: sad and shy and cute at the same time. I also love the storytelling aspect of this, excellent work!

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