Christmas = War

Well maybe not full-blown war, but it’s a fight. It’s a fight against the weather, family, your budget, crazy shoppers willing to pepper spray folks in the face just to get a bargain. It’s a fight to keep your sanity in check. *insert dramatic music here*

Today I woke up feeling something wasn’t right. The snow has a strange glow across the surface and the sun took it’s time coming out. Like the clouds were hiding it from something.

Venturing outside I wasn’t scared. I was ready to take on whatever horrors were getting ready to jump out at me. My inner warrior is a survivor! These snowy mountains and jagged surfaces will become my bitch as I ride off to investigate my surroundings.

I hear something. It’s a conversation about elf labor laws and intergalactic holidays. Leaving the ATV behind, I slowly walk down a small hill and discover a sight that leaves me speechless…

I didn’t know what to do! Should I attack or make a citizen’s arrest, maybe call the President’s office and see if there was a reward for finding an alien. In the end there was a simple explanation for everything. They were simply waiting for Santa to come pick them up in his sleigh. They had a pre-Christmas party to get to on the North Pole. Satisfied with their explanation I decided not to go all Chuck Norris on them and headed back to the warmth of home. Another uneventful day in SL.


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