I Listen to AM Radio

Well I don’t anymore, but I use to, somewhat against my will. As a kid living with my two elderly great aunts at night that’s what the clock radio in their bedroom was tuned to. On nights that I couldn’t sleep I would listen to the different talk programs. One guy had a show where he talked about UFO’s and the possibility of alien life in outer space.

Needless to say I like AM Radio in SL much better. The Sim that is. I remember coming here during my early noob days. It’s such a peaceful place and there are wheat fields for as far as the eye can see.In the picture above there are two people dancing in the background. At first I thought about yelling to them “GET OUTTA MY CAMERA VIEW!” even though they were there before me….but after watching them creepily for a while I decided they looked all romantic back there.At one point I swore there was a rumor about the AM Radio had been shut down. That made me sad because I would have liked to make one last visit there. Luckily it seems that was untrue. unfortunately other really great sims disappear seemingly overnight. This December I’ll have been in SL for 3 years and honestly I don’t think I’ve seen half of what the pixel world has to offer.

Anyhoo, I’m done babbling for the night. I have to go rob this train behind me.

Thanks for reading ❤


One thought on “I Listen to AM Radio

  1. OMG… AM radio memories!!! My Nana and Papa listened to it non-stop … WBZ… um.. some guy named Larry Glick…and yup tons of UFO discussions oh oh and they used to have the psychics on and people could call in and hear stuff about themselves!! =) *hugggs* I need to visit the AM sim..and and I made a blog too!!

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