I’ve never watched a Twilight movie

True story…

And I have no plans to see them or read the books. Call me an old fashion girl but I like my vampires brooding and filled with an undead rage that will cause them to rip someones throat cords out in the blink of an eye. Todays mainstream movie and television images of vampires are so overly sensitive and conflicted about themselves and actions. I’ll take True Blood over The Vampire Diaries any day of the week. I know I might be in the minority in regards to my feelings, so I went out and found a vampire to ask their opinion:

Me: Hey you! Pasty chick, you look like a vampire. Am I right?

Vamp:…maybe.Me: What are feelings on the “new generation” of vampires.

Vamp:….*A few minutes later*

*A few more minutes later*

Me: Ok! Thanks for your time and stuff and things…BAI!

Vamp:…Go now.

YAY! I’m a cute vampire! A lot of freebies and cheapies made this post possible. I think it’s a little cliché to be a vampire for Halloween so I got it out of my system with this dress up adventure.

Thanks for reading! ❤


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