The Passports Are Here!

One of my biggest recent guilty pleasures has ben MTV’s Jersey Shore. I didn’t really pay attention to it when it first debuted, just dismissing the show as a Real World knockoff, but after watching their season in Miami I’ve been hooked since. For me the show has that car accident appeal. It’s horrible and I’m not suppose to look but I just can’t look away. These over the top people are living under the same roof, hooking up with each other, hooking up with gross strangers, sloppy drunk and falling down everywhere, fighting and just being loud for no reason. It’s glorious. And in celebration of the new season, which is taking place in Italy, I’m doing a post with my favorite Guidette, Adelle.

We both got Jerseyfied and got ready to hit the boardwalk. The Jersey Shore I found in SL was just a shopping district on a beach…whatever…So we went to a knockoff Coney Island which is pretty much in Jersey so it works. ( Love you Adelle 😀 )

To accompany the pictures I’ll be including some quotes from one of my favorite sites

Divertiti! (“Enjoy” in Italian)

The Subtext Of Every Jersey ShoreEpisode

Teen girl: Hey, did you see that really hot guy at the pool?
Boyfriend: Yeah, the one with the black hair and the nice body?
Teen girl: Yeah… He was really hot.
Boyfriend: Yeah, I’d fersure tap that.
(long pause)
Boyfriend: I think I might be gay.

Meet the Classiest Chicks in Jersey

Drunk girl #1: God, we need to find our way back home to New Jersey…
Drunk girl #2: Oh my god! Yes! I would blow someone to get home now.
Drunk girl #1 to stranger: Hey, are you from New Jersey?

Jersey Retaliated by Flipping a Giant Table at Them

Drunk guy, watching fireworks: Oh, man, they’re bombing Jersey…
Girl: Thank god.

JWowsday One-Liners

Stressed film major: You are going to give me that fucking power chord. Then I’m going to punch you in the vag. Then you’re coming to New Jersey with me.

Thanks for reading! Fistpump like there’s no tomorrow!


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