Cheers To 5 Months Of Randomness!

Five months ago today it began. After talking about it for a while I finally got serious and did post number one. I would have never guessed that I’d still be doing it after all this time, my short attention span and laziness is a bad combination when it comes to getting things done in a timely manner. But I guess that’s why I’m still driven to post things. There’s no pressure or deadlines with this, If I stop blogging for a year and come back to it, it’ll still be here waiting for me. This blog has allowed me to show off my Second Life which is like a billion times more interesting than my Real Life. I think Adelle who was supposed to be blogging with me lost interest after a while ( Yeah that’s right, I done called you out Lady! ) But it’s all good though. This shall go on. People will Appreciate The Damn Rainbow!

Picture time-No costumes or strange skins. Just little ol me.

Another reason I keep this blog going is because most SL bloggers who cover fashion, furniture or events around the grid that are all professional and have links to stuff or mention where they got things. I don’t have the energy or desire to do that. If I really love something I’ll give a shout out and drop a store name but if you’re in need of links to places go play Zelda ( Link is the main character in the Zelda video game…I googled it )

Yay! Playing with the Firestorm Viewer and shadows. I took these pictures in an empty skybox with nothing around like trees or other objects, that might be why I didn’t crash my ass off.

A very big thank you to anyone who’s checked this humble little project out. Hugs and love to my stank toes niece Tallah for making me want to blog, Adelle who is just all around awesome and my stalker who was looking for my blog via Tallah’s blog…not creepy at all 😀

Ps. In the last picture don’t I kind of look like a dark-skinned GoGo from the JuicyBomb Blog?

Thanks for reading! ❤


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