Cribs-Gothic Edition

Why hello there. Welcome to Morogoth Manor. I’m Syrion Morogoth and I’ll be giving you a quick tour today. Before we get started I would like to say hello to my sister Annabel Lee who is still away in the Asylum. Poor girl, she has a touch of the madness you see. It runs in the family, but thankfully I’m still perfectly sane! Now, let’s get started shall we.

Some prefer a welcome mat but a tombstone seemed more charming.

This is my favorite chair in the parlor. They say it’s cursed because a bunch of people died in it or something like that. But it’s so comfortable!

When the whole family was together we would have amazing diner parties where the children played music and danced for the guest. Once uncle Edward chopped off his dates feet because she kept stepping on his toes, we all laughed and laughed…Good times.

A few years ago we tore down the library. The books seemed to want their freedom so there was no need to keep shelves around.

Well that’s it. The rest of the house is just trap doors, underground mazes and holding cells. I shall be off to bed now. It was a pleasure showing you around. Do come back for a visit sometime.

WoooHooo! Two blog post in one week. I was bored and decided to play dress up again. I got this skin off the market place for lL and the dress is from PixelDolls for 25L. Luckily in you can find creepy places to go all year-long. There was only myself and one other person wandering around this house. I think I scared him because he didn’t say much to me and was pretty quick to walk away when we were in the same area. Hurt my pale goth feelings.

Thanks for reading! ❤


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