T.G.I.F on a Monday!

Hey, I’m blogging again! YAY Me! Anyhoo…I’ve totally had the Katy Perry song “Last Friday Night” stuck in my head and I’ve worn out the replay button for the video on YouTube. But it’s such a perfect summer song! I’m not a huge fan of Katy in general but she gets props for this one. Every music video from now on should be required to have a Kenny G sax solo.

My look was of course inspired by the video. Another blogger was rocking this outfit that’s  free at Beautiful Dirty Rich so I had to have it too. After wiggling myself into it, off I went to take some pictures!

When you see a water fountain like this I think it’s a law that you have to go stand in it.

I was a little afraid that I’d end up looking street walker-ish in the pictures, but I think the neon pink and green would scare off any potential customers.

And then it happened. Like getting approval from Ms Perry herself, the song started playing on the station I was listening to in rl! *Dance Partay Time*

Here’s a close up of my oh so pretty face showing off the new Curio skin “Airhead” in the Light Acorn skin tone. The braces tattoo layer is for 10L from Glamorize, now I’ve said on many occasions that I think teeth make avis look “slow”, but I’m kind of liking my braces, it’s different and cute in an off sort of way. Will I wear it everyday…no! But it made for a cute picture!

Thanks for reading! Click on pictures for a larger view!



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