Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

The recent Ninja themed adoption party for my son and his daughter inspired this post. It was kind of frustrating looking for an outfit, everything was either bland quality, crazy expensive or borderline slutty. Finally I found a really awesome cyber ninja outfit for 89L and BADASS sword for 50L. I love dressing up on the cheap, wish I could have taken more pictures of the party itself since people were dressed so awesomely ( The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were there! ) but I ended up crashing every few minutes. Overall it was a great night with great company. Thank you Ninja Bear!

Q: Do ninjas really never wear clothing?

A: Yes, ninjas never actually wear their clothing, they are
always naked. Ninjas are so quick that they are always hiding behind their
clothing making the illusion that they are wearing it.

Q: How many ninjas are there?

A: There is round a thousand ninjas on earth, and about a
hundred not on earth.

Q: What is better, a ninja or a pirate.

A: Ninja

Q: Is Chuck Norris a ninja?

A: Yes, but his abilities are greatly underestimated.

Shout out to my dork of a brother Leeeeeee for taking a picture with me. If you noticed I sliced off his feet and one of his hands because he cheated at sumo wrestling. Handcraft… you in my blog, your famous!

Thanks for reading ❤


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