Oh Boy

I’m starting to really enjoy playing dress up. As mentioned in the last post I got some cheap good quality stuff to make a male avi. So here’s a quick little story about “Vince” and his day out.

Vince woke up at the crack of mid afternoon and was ready for an adventure. While considering what to do first he got a text from his friend Adelle. She wanted him to come over and talk about feelings and the meaning of life. Vince pretended to listen to his friend as she rambled on about clothes, shoes and sore boobs, all that stuff women usually ramble on about. Nodding in agreement every few seconds to seem like he cared, he was really thinking about how awesome tacos are.Not being able to hide his total boredom any longer, Vince tried getting more romantical, but Adelle shouted something about being a classy Asian/Latina woman and made promises of castration. Vince took the hint and headed out the door towards home.Being a fan of all things food related, Vince decided to take a nap in this giant donut that was out on the side-walk for whatever reason.

Just as Vince was starting to dream about winning the world biggest taco, some police officers drove by and were shocked to see someone ruin a perfectly good donut by sleeping in it. They arrested Vince on the spot and hauled him away. While filling out the paperwork at the station, Vince reminded them that there was huge donut out in the street unattended and suggested there was more than one out there. In less than a minute the entire police station was empty as the officers went looking for the giant frosted treats. Vince decided he’d had enough adventure for one day and just wanted to go back to sleep.

Home again, safe and sound. Vince sat outside of his trailer and thought in quiet contemplation. Tomorrow he will get that taco.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a final close up picture. The entire avi cost less than 20L to put together. Impressive right! Thanks to Adelle for taking shots with me ❤


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