Teenage Dream

My adorable 7yr old self *Pinky* underwent a small transformation recently. My little sister Cutie and I became teenagers. I wanted a teen version in case at some point I decided to take classes at the new rp high school that opened recently, but then the possibility of freaking my dad out as a hormonal teen girl lit a fire under my arse and I finally did it. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. My cuteness as a teen is off the charts. If I could justify adopting a 16yr old version of myself without making my head explode I would in a heartbeat. Added bonus was my dads reaction *I’m think he peed a little bit in rl* Seeing Pinky semi grown wasn’t too big of a deal because Athena is around all the time, but when he caught a glimpse of my normally 5yr old sister now 14 and with boobage I heard something in his brain snap.

Overall it was a fun experience. I got to curse and have wild mood swings without consequence, things that myself at 7 are to young for and Athena has outgrown. Most likely won’t be the last time I change, gotta keep the old man on his toes. And now what you’ve been waiting for…initially the plan was to just modify the normal shape I wear but after about 30 seconds I remembered I’m lazy, so I ran to the marketplace and grabbed this 5L shape from Bird Next Door Shop. Seems they are having a massive promo sale on shapes, skins and other accessories for male and female avis. I caved in and got a male shape and skin because you never know when you might need to be a boy…DON’T JUDGE ME!.Thanks for reading! Maybe the next post will be about my day out as a boy…I bet butt scratching will be involved. Click the link below to see the stuff of sale. ❤



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