Noob Challenge *April*

I got the bright idea to make the theme for this months noob challenge “Marketplace Gangsta”. The goal was to create a brand spanking new avi with an “urban” look using nothing but marketplace freebies. I was always told that the marketplace is a great place for new players to get clothes and other things free and cheap, and it is,totally love the marketplace, spend lots and lots of time there adding things to my favorites and to my cart for future purchase. It’s a very convenient shopping alternative then fighting the lag monster at some more popular stores and I love finding nice things there that are on promotional pricing. But this “marketplace gangsta” thing was a pain in the ass. Finding a decent free shape and skin was the hardest part for me, when Adelle’s avi started looking like a meth addict we were about ready to throw in the towel, but we suffered through and this is the end result.

Adelle is up first!

Now it’s my turn…BAM!

Adelle blamed me for using the same tattoo as her, but clearly I went to the effort of tinting mine red soooo that means it’s different. We took a break and went to discuss our issues like the mature adults we are.

After the talk we hugged, de-noobed and went to the hospital to get shots because that bathroom was dirty. Thanks for reading! ❤

*I decided not to list where we got the items from because neither one of us want to dig through all the stuff we randomly threw in the cart and find links. No one who reads this is a noob anyway so you don’t need a makeover! 🙂 *


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