Here Kitty Kitty

Early on in my virtual life, back in 2008, I noticed that almost everywhere I went there were avatars with huge fluffy tails, ears and paws. I later discovered these folks are called Nekos, basically cat people. I remember thinking it was a strange look, but then once in a while I would see a really pretty or well put together person. Someone who really made the Neko look “work”. So of course I got myself a fluffy tail and ears and went about my daily business without a care in with world because everyone was doing it. Clubs would have Neko theme contest and you could buy various tails and other attachments in all types of different colors and styles that could emote pretty much anything you could think of. For the most part it was a harmless fad, but it was a fad none the less.

The new cool thing suddenly changed to the Elven look and suddenly people chopped off their tails in exchange for pointy outstretched ears. Even now ram horns and legs with hooves are popping up at a pretty fast pace. Are the Nekos a dying breed? Maybe. In 2011 I still pass one here or there *My seven ear old is one, shout out to shawny* and several stores still produce clothes and accessories for the Neko faithful. While doing a little research for this post three stores really caught my attention. Bitch Tail and Beautiful Dirty Rich, also known as B.D.R have shops in world that are packed with goodies sure to make any grown up kitty very happy. The third is !K&L! Clothing and Accessories, this seems to just be a marketplace store. Personally I liked the clothes from !K&L! the best, Even as a non Neko I would wear these clothes and the prices are amazing for full outfits. Everything is just around 50l. All Bitch Tail outfits are 98l and they have male clothes as well. B.D.R has a store on the marketplace too with clothes and hair varying in prices.

My outfit comes from Bitch Tail and is currently a free hunt prize in the store. So without further adu…Picture Time, Yeah!Cats like playing peek a boo right? Oh no, that’s babies. Meh :pAt the end of the day, no matter what you look like, just do you and be happy. Thanks for reading ❤*Purrs, leaves links and runs away*



Bitch Tail-


One thought on “Here Kitty Kitty

  1. So umm you make neko look good. There I commented. And my god I will chop your damn feet off if I see you with hoofs. Then again, if you get animal feet, can I have your shoes?

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