Strike a Pose!

The Second Life Pose Fair for 2011, running from April 1st through April 15th is stacked full of very talented creators showing off their latest and greatest works. Now I consider myself a world class shopper but this event literally tired me out lol. I had to make about 3 trips to see everything and I’m still not sure I visited all the stores participating, there’s about 180 total. Overall it’s a really nice event and I suggest you make time to go check it out if you can. Even if you’re not a photographer or a pose hoarder you should go and grab some of the very awesome freebies, dollarbies and discounted items that are available at many stores.

On a more personal note, I don’t appreciate stubborn people. Unless you’re a total noob, any common sense having avatar knows that with any event where a large number of people gather in one place there’s going to be some massive lag. Now why would you be a jackass and add to that by wearing your most primmy and scripted outfit? Nobody is paying you any attention except to find the fool who is contributing to the problem. You can look good without attaching a million things to yourself and running hundreds of scripts at the same time. Or if you just can’t live without all your “extras” wait a few days from the opening of the event to go check it out. Usually the crowd has died down some so you can walk around without lagging yourself and the others around you.

Picture time!

Papa can I have 600l for a Unicorn?! Pleeeeeaaaassseeee!!!?? I need it!

Yes, I can look badass while hula hooping!

FYI. There’s a sale on some poses and props going on at the Glitterati Main store until April 15th.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a taxi to the Pose Fair ❤


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