Quick Hello From Adelle

After much consideration, I have decided to get on here and say hello. Mostly because I know the first time is always the hardest and now I can get it out of the way and come back to rant about whatever I feel like. Also, I did like the idea of Athena seeming to be loosing her mind and imagining her bff Adelle being a blog with her, but she might believe it herself and then I would have to deal with that.

Although not medically diagnosed, I do believe I am bipolar and so my moods and tastes change quite often. I am not a firm believer in anything because of my bipolarness. Bipolarness is now a word.
Well actually I am a firm believer in ‘mean what you say and say what you mean’. I also believe in respecting people who can be honest and not sugar coat things. For instance, I will respect a whore for saying, “I am a whore so I dress like one” over a whore that denies being one and finds any ridiculous mean to excuse herself.

Which reminds me of a conversation I had with my sister, Jello, not too long ago. We were debating which is worse. A hoe who has a sugar daddy and lets him take care of all her needs, wants, and dresses the part. Or a self-sufficient woman who chooses to dress like a gold digging hoe just to appear as if she is one but isn’t. So to wrap it up, is it morally worse to give your body in exchange for financial gain or to falsely advertise yourself as someone who would?



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