Noob Challenge!

While doing my rounds of blog surfing a couple of days ago I came across a post announcing the “Noobie For A Day: Blog Challenge”. It’s pretty much a challenge for bloggers to noob themselves up once a month and spend 24 hours making a complete look for exactly 0L. And I mean COMPLETE look, like skin, hair, eyes the whole deal. Here’s the link to the actual post in case your interested.

Sounds fun right?! Of course it does, so after telling Adelle that she had no choice but to do it with me the real fun started. We turned back the hands of sl time and noobed up, we cried on the inside because our pretty avis were gone, but realized how important the seemingly little things are like a nice set of eyes. The whole experience was lots of fun and we plan on doing this every month, but maybe putting our own twist on it by adding themes or pulling other people in the mix…I’m looking at you LEEEEEROY Handcroft! The first set of pictures are of my and Adelles casual day to day looks:Next is our noob-ness which I think is strangly cute O_0And here is the finished product! Remember we did this using all freebies. I’m pretty impressed.Close up time!Adelle’s Freebie Style Credits:

Shape – [M&M] body shapes-Olga Shape (Store Hunt Item)

Skin- ::DS:: Ambala Vodka Full   (Store hunt Item)

Hair – >TRUTH< Jess – Crow (store gift)

Outfit (including the crown) – ~Pinkmares house~ Rebellion (Store MM board gift)

Shoes – Lil Nikki Plat Shoe Base (Grid wide hunt gift)

Eyes – Poetic Colors – Classic Moroccan night (Store gift)

Necklace – ::DUH!:: Pounds of peals Silver (Grid wide hunt gift)

Bracelets – ::MOOD:: Moxie Bangles (Grid wide hunt gift)

Athena’s Freebie Style Credits:

Shape-[M&M] body shapes-Natasza Shape (hunt prize)

Skin-Prize from a store hunt at Dulce Secrets *totally forgot the name of it :p*

Hair- Mach Opening Group Gift -Night Rider

Eyes-Poetic Colors Freebie eyes Moroccan Nights

Dress-Kyoot- He Loves Me Best Dress Red-Group Gift

Shoes- N-core Sense Xtreme Heel Group gift

Bracelets- WTG 2011 March Group gift

Earrings-Silver Earrings-Flexible (from the marketplace)

**Thanks for reading and remember to click the pictures for a full screen version ❤



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