Fix it Fix it Fix it !!!!!!

I recently changed to a yummy skin by Curio so I took some time to update a few pairs of shoes that have the skin matching feature. While inputting RBG values and picking the right skin preset numbers I realized that I’m much more willing to spend tons on a pair of shoes then I am for clothes. For example, recently I dropped 300l on a fat pack of really cute skirts. BUT…the conversation in my head about buying them has been going on for about three months prior to the actual purchase. Now, recalling my very first time in Stiletto Moody Shoes. I happily handed over close to 2k for one pair, no hesitation no second thought. *Side note: Moody…your skins are terrible but A for effort”.

Getting back to my point, yes there is a point to all this. A very long time ago I
bought a little devise off of the marketplace for 50l and I firmly believe that
this is one of the most valuable things I own. It’s simply called a “Boot Fixer” and basically it’s a small hud on your screen that keeps your ankles from breaking and looking all unnatural when your feet end up in a certain position. It hurts my heart to see blogger pictures when they have jacked up feet. It’s like “Oooo nice picture Cute hair! Cute skin! Cute outfit! Cute shoes…AHHHHHH!! NOOOO!! BROKEN ANKLES!!! MAKE IT STOP!!” The moral of this story is to do yourselves and your ridiculously expensive shoes a favor and

Picture and link time YAY!I love these shoes. Not the 2k Moodys but still very lickable.


2 thoughts on “Fix it Fix it Fix it !!!!!!

  1. STOP BUYING MOODY SHOES!!! They arent that great for that price!!!! there are cheaper, hotter, better toe primmed shoes out there!! like orange creation! …LOVE YOU! lolol

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