It Begins

So my focus was gonna be a fashion blog, but that’s hard and everyone does it so I’ll leave it to the professionals. I’ll still post pictures and talk about stuff I’m wearing if I love it extra hard. This blog is for Adelle and I to rant and act a fool and take a few pretty pictures along the way. We have epic conversations and feel the need to share with the masses. Enjoy!

I spent some time with my Sl dad today. He was finally back after visiting Rl family. I’ve been his daughter since October of 2010 and to totally sound cliché it feels like he’s been my dad forever. I don’t have a relationship with dad in real life so being able to have one here means the world to me. When I really discovered family role play in second life I found my happiness. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Is it always perfect happy fun family time? Hell no, if it was it would be a lie. but it’s how I choose to spend my time when I log in. Lately a few insignificant people have made comments bashing/making fun of family rp and that bothers me. I wish it didn’t because I think I do a good job brushing off ignorant people but sometimes it still gets to me. It all boils down to people not minding their own damn business. I don’t shove my lifestyle down anyones throat or alienate potential new friends because they might not understand or be interested in how I live, but I don’t hide it either. I’m damn proud of my family and what we’ve been through together. I’m more than willing and quite excited to explain family rp to anyone curious about it, but if it turns out it’s not something they jive with then no harm no foul, but to all the judgemental close minded jackasses out there who feel the need to comment negatively when no one asked their opinion, I pray you find your peace one day…and I hope it burns when you pee.I stopped for a little bite to eat before visiting with my dad.My Dad Daniel ❤


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